Here are the Dogs of the Dow for 2017. The table lists the ten highest yielding Dow stocks as of the close on December 31, 2016. These ten stocks are 2017’s Dogs of the Dow. 2017’s Small Dogs of the Dow are the five stocks with the lowest closing price are, so a subset of the Dogs of the Dow.

The performance over 2016 has been 16.1% for the 10 Dogs of the Dow, versus 11.7% for the Dow Index and 10.3% for the small dogs

The 2017 Dogs of the Dow

Stock Dividend Yield
Verizon 4.3%
Pfizer 3.9%
Chevron 3.7%
Boeing 3.7%
Cisco Systems 3.4%
Coca-Cola 3.4%
IBM 3.4%
ExxonMobil 3.3%
Caterpillar 3.3%
Merck 3.2%